{University Basketball Championship}
under the care of
Prof. Dr. Ayman Mohamed Ibrahim_ President of the University
Prof. Dr. Galal Kamal Salem _ Vice President for Education and Student Affairs
The results were as follows:
The College of Commerce won first place
The College of Physical Education won the second place
The College of Law won third place
Refereeing matches (Port Said region)
Captain/ Noha Saleh
Captain/ Salma Kamalo
Help with arbitration
Dr. Ramy Al-Masry
Preparing, supervising and organizing sports activity management
Mr. Ayman Samir _ Director of Activity Department
Mr. Mohammed Al-Khamisi
Mr. Ahmed Raouf
Dr. Wael Gad
Under supervision
Mr. Ihab Abu Al-Maati _Director General of the General Administration for the Welfare of University Students